TAA Tools

IBM i 7.3 announced!

IBM i 7.3 has been announced. You can read about it here and here.

We have been working on this release for some time and we expect TAA Tools to be available for IBM i 7.3 soon. In the meantime the October 15, 2015 refresh is still the latest available.

This refresh of the TAA Productivity Tools contains one new tool and several fixes. Ordering the refresh is recommended in order to keep your tools up to date.

To order an upgrade or refresh, please call or email TAA Tools Support at 507-258-5182 or support@taatool.com. Your update can be shipped to you by CD or you can download it after receiving a link from our support staff.

The TAA Productivity Tools is a suite of commands and utilities that complement and enhance the IBM i, IBM's popular midrange platform. A two-time winner of the Midrange Technology Showcase Product Excellence Award, these rich and diverse tools help you control and manage your system.

This website includes information about the tools, details on the latest enhancements, individual tool documentation and much more. Take the time to explore!

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