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 The Check  Generic Objects  command provides  a method  of checking  if
 any  generic objects exists  for a  specific name.   The default  is to
 check  for all object types.   A return count  is optional.  TAA9893 is
 sent if no generic object names exist.

 A typical command would be:

              CHKGENOBJ   OBJ(xxx)

 TAA9893 would be sent if no objects exist for the generic name.

 The API QUSLOBJ is used to determine if any objects exist.

 Command parameters                                    *CMD

    OBJ           The qualified  name of the  object.   A single  object
                  or  a generic  name  may be  specified.   The  library
                  value defaults to *LIBL.

                  The   special  values  *USRLIBL,   *CURLIB,  *ALL,  or
                  *ALLUSR may be specified.

    OBJTYPE       The object type  to check.   The default is  *ALL.   A
                  specific object  type may be  named.  Use  the command
                  prompter for the full list.

    NBROBJ        The  number  of objects  that match  the  generic name
                  and type  specified.    This  is  an  optional  return
                  variable.  If  specified, it must be declared  as *DEC
                  LEN(7 0).


 Because the  command returns a  variable, it may  only be used  in a CL


 The following TAA Tools must be on your system:

      CRTUSRSPC       Create user space
      SNDESCMSG       Send escape message


 None, the tool is ready to use.

 Objects used by the tool

    Object        Type    Attribute      Src member    Src file
    ------        ----    ---------      ----------    ----------

    CHKGENOBJ     *CMD                   TAAOBKE       QATTCMD
    TAAOBKEC      *PGM       CLP         TAAOBKEC      QATTCL

Added to TAA Productivity Tools January 1, 1999

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