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 The  File Feedback  function  provides  externally described  files  to
 allow  the file  feedback  areas (also  known  as I/O  Feedback)  to be
 easily accessed in an RPG program.

 This  eliminates having to look  in the manual and  add offsets to find
 the proper from/to locations.

 There are three different externally described files supplied:

     TAABCKIP   - Used for ICF or Display files
     TAABCKPP   - Used for Printer files
     TAABCKDP   - Used for data base files

 Tape and diskette  files only use  the common information available  in
 most of the files.  Use the TAABCKDP file to extract this.

 Assume you want  to access the relative record number  of a record read
 from  a data  base  file.   You would  normally code  the RPG  specs to
 define the  file  continuation line  and  the  Data Structure  line  as

      FFILEA   IF  E           K        DISK         KINFDS FDBCKD

 Compiling the program  with these statements will allow you  to look at
 the  external descriptions  of the fields  in the  compilation listing.
 You need to find  the field name used  for the relative record  number.
 You could also determine the name by the use of DSPFFD TAABCKDP.

 The name  for  the relative  record number  field used  in TAABCKDP  is
 FDRR.  You  would code this in your program  as a normal decimal field.

 Command parameters                                    *CMD

 No command is provided.


   **   The  files  describe  the  RPG  feedback  area.    This includes
        fields which are unique to the RPG language.

   **   In some  cases, fields  overlap in the  feedback area  depending
        on the  type of  feedback provided.   The normal field  usage is
        described  in the files  provided.  If  you have a  need for one
        of the fields  not described, you must  use a program  described
        data structure.




 None, the tool is ready to use.

 Objects used by the tool

    Object        Type        Attribute      Src member    Src file
    ------        ----        ---------      ----------    ----------

    TAABCKIP      *FILE          PF          TAABCKIP      QATTDDS
    TAABCKPP      *FILE          PF          TAABCKPP      QATTDDS
    TAABCKDP      *FILE          PF          TAABCKDP      QATTDDS

Added to TAA Productivity Tools April 1, 1995

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